10 Best Garden Gadgets (2021)

10 Best Garden Gadgets (2021)

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Advancing technology has become a big part of our daily existence. We use it in every part of our lives to make doing chores or our work more simple. So it’s no wonder that we developed amazing gadgets that help us with our gardening and yard work. Not all gadgets help with the work however, some of them make the garden a more beautiful or exotic place, and some are there to turn the yard into an interactive playground. From solar garden lights to robotic mowers, there are plenty to select from. Here are a couple of garden gadgets that we recommend you look into.

Cordless Pole Saw

Cordless Pole-Saw

If you need a garden tool to reach high places and cut branches, this is the one to get. It has a shaft that can be collapsed and extended, giving you a reach from five to eight feet. Because it is cordless, you will have no trouble carrying it around your yard and getting to places where it might be problematic with regular saws. The pole saw features a rechargeable battery and an automatic oil applier for easy oiling, making it very easy to maintain.

Smart Sprinkler System

rachio smart sprinkler controller

The main feature of these sprinklers is their connection to your smartphone. All of the information about the soil they are installed in is sent automatically to your phone. This allows you to see things like when was the grass around it watered and the temperature of the soil. The sprinklers feature drip heads and drip watering that are adjustable and this helps you save a lot on water by reducing its consumption. The sprinklers use an application that gives you the ability to schedule regular watering of your garden.

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Solar LED Lighting

Solar LED Pathway Lighting

You don’t have to invest heavily for your garden to have light during the evenings. Solar LED Lights are a very accessible option made just for this purpose. These little lights can make for great garden decorations. They are both practical for night yard work and turn your garden into a beautiful place to relax in on warm summer nights. Some of them come with sound or motion sensors so they can serve as a protecting element for your home as well. Because these lights are solar-based, they are pretty much self-reliable once you have installed them.

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Robot Mowers

Robot Lawnmower

These machines are the ultimate lawn mowing help. If you don’t want to cut your grass manually and have the money to invest in one of the best robot mowers, you should get one. Because every yard is different, it can take some time to set up when using it for the first time. You will need to adjust the mowers settings to your yard shape. But after that, it is a simple push of the button to make it go to work. The mower will provide you with 90 minutes of automatic grass cutting and then it will require about 40 minutes to recharge to full.

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Soil and Light Tester

Soil and Light Tester

A small portable device that can help you find the ideal place for planting different kinds of flowers in your garden. It can measure the amount of light that a place is exposed to, the moisture of the soil, its Ph levels and the temperature that an area is affected by. Different flowers require different conditions and this gadget will help you find the right spot for each one. Just turn it on, place it in the soil and let it do its work. It can be used indoors and outdoors and it is rechargeable.

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Solar Umbrella

solar umbrella lighting

A gadget that is both useful to protect your plants and you from direct sunlight. It can be opened or closed automatically using a button or a remote control. Being a solar gadget, the mechanism is charged by sunlight and it is self-reliant. Having one or more of these in your garden can help you create a beautiful relaxation zone for you or when guests come over. While the sun is blazing, keep it up and when the night comes, just collapse them all with a press of a button.

Power WheelBarrow

motorised power barrow

This electric wheelbarrow will make transporting your gardening tools and materials a breeze. It is designed to be durable but very easy to maneuver around. It features a 170-litre capacity and can be equipped with a flatbed carrier if you need it to transport boxes and bigger things. The Power Barrow has an electric motor that is concealed safely bellow the carrier tank so it doesn’t get damaged. The motor is operated easily with a switch on the barrow handle making it really simple to increase or decrease its speed while maintaining perfect control.

Weather Station

4-in-1 Weather Station

This gadget can be quite a lifesaver for your garden. The Weather Station is a tool that analyzes the weather constantly and reports it directly back to your smartphone. It can send you information about many things which include CO2 levels, temperature, pressure, noise pollution, wind and even rain. If your neighbors also have them, they have the ability to be interlinked with each other. In this way, you will be able to track the weather forecast and be ready for any unforeseen weather changes effectively before they reach your garden and make a mess for you.

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Garden Camera

timelapse garden video camera

This small camera is very useful if you want to be able to take a look in your garden from different perspectives and angles. You can use it to oversee your flowers grow and to spot any unwanted bugs and critters that have made a home in your yard. It can be used to watch the garden in real-time or set to take snapshots at predetermined intervals. It is very easy to set up, you just stick it into the desired spot and features a very long-lasting battery life.

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Parrot Flower Pot Monitor

Parrot Flower Pot Monitor

A great little gadget that can be inserted into a flower pot in order to collect information about it. It analyzes the status of the flower and sends information about it back to your smartphone. The information it collects include the moisture, food, levels of sunlight and temperature. Each parrot monitor can collect data about a single flower pot so it is recommended to get a couple of them and use them to track your favorite plants. The parrot monitor has a very interesting stick shape so it could also be used as a fun piece of decoration for your garden.

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