Bring the Beauty to your Backyard Patio With These 5 Flooring Options

Bring the Beauty to your Backyard Patio With These 5 Flooring Options

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When warm, sunny days arrive, we’re all eager to spend some time out in the open, and having a nice patio to relax in is a must. When it comes to choosing your patio flooring, there are many factors to consider – the size of your patio, the materials, as well as the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space. To help you out, we’ve curated a list of five patio flooring options with their pros and cons – read on to learn what they are.

Use wood planks and deck boards for a natural look

One of the most popular outdoor flooring options, wood decking is sure to give your patio a rustic, homey feel. Able to fit almost any style, this natural material is the best option for homeowners looking to create a warm and inviting outdoor space that will be perfect for relaxing and unwinding. The reason why wood planks and decking boards are such popular flooring options is that they provide a smooth transition into your outdoor space. They’re also great DIY projects for handy and crafty homeowners. Redwood, cypress, or cedar – whichever type you choose, it’s sure to make your patio comfy and cosy. Wood is a great option for homeowners who live in regions with hot temperatures since it doesn’t retain the heat as composite or plastic when exposed to a lot of direct sunlight. However, keep in mind that wood requires more maintenance than other materials, and it needs to be deep cleaned and sealed annually. Although wooden flooring is durable, how long it’ll last depends on how well you take care of it.

Enhance the natural beauty of your patio with cobblestones

Covering your patio floors with cobblestones is a classic and chic way to update your outdoor lounge area and make it more appealing. Cost-effective and durable, cobblestones are a practical solution for homeowners who are looking to transform their home’s exterior and boost its curb appeal. Other than enhancing the aesthetic of your patio, cobblestones can be used for garden paths, driveways, and other high-traffic areas. Easy to install, cobblestones require little to no maintenance, and which type you choose depends on where you want to install it. They don’t absorb water, so mould and mildew are highly unlikely. They come in a wide range of shades and shapes, so you can easily find quality cobblestones  that will match the style and colour palette of your outdoor space. Granite, quartz, or limestone, or basalt – the type of cobblestones you choose to implement comes down to the individual space, as well as your imagination. Introducing cobblestones into your outdoor space is a cost-effective solution that will make your outdoor lounge look warm and welcoming. A paving specialist or a landscaper should be able to work with cobblestones successfully.

Use brick flooring to give your patio a classic look

Installing a brick patio flooring is a great way to create a timeless, classic look and set you apart from the rest of the neighbourhood. Bricks can easily blend with any colour scheme and style of your outdoor space and are a great way to boost your curb appeal. They are a long-lasting flooring option that doesn’t require any maintenance – as a matter of fact, as they age they start to add character to your outdoor space. They are able to withstand high foot traffic as well as moisture and weather exposure, which means you won’t have to repair or replace them as often as other outdoor flooring materials. Bricks are also a great option for homeowners who are environmentally conscious – they are recyclable, which means you can reuse them to build something else if you ever decide to demolish your brick patio. Just make sure your brick flooring is sealed to keep mould and mildew at bay.  While a bricklayer could certainly handle this work, it's not a wall you're building so again a multi-skilled landscaper could complete this outdoor flooring.

Concrete as a practical solution for your patio

Concrete is one of the materials that are becoming increasingly popular, with many homeowners introducing concrete both inside and outside of their homes. A versatile building material, it takes as little as two days for to install – one day to pour and one day to cure. It doesn’t require maintenance other than sweeping or rinsing with a garden hose, although you might want to apply a quality sealant every couple of years to ensure your concrete stays in great condition. Concrete is most often used for ground-level patios and even though it won’t bring a wow factor to your outdoor space like, say, cobblestones, at least it will provide you with a long-lasting patio floor. It’s a rather cheap flooring option and is used by homeowners who choose function over form. If you feel that concrete is a bit bland for your patio, you can spruce it up by colouring it or you can add patterns or texture to your concrete by stamping a design of your choice.  Either a specialist concreter, or again a landscaper can complete this job for you.

Ceramic tiles for a fun and creative outdoor lounge

Tiles are often used inside due to their practicality and low-maintenance, so it’s no wonder that many homeowners choose this type of flooring for their outdoor lounge. Available in a wide array of colours, textures, and styles, ceramic tiles give you a chance to be creative and design your patio in a way that reflects your personality. The elegance of ceramic tiles makes a beautiful statement in your outdoor living space, However, you must pay attention when choosing the type of tile for your outdoor space – for areas which are prone to moisture or often come into contact with water you need to find tiles that are slip-resistant, as well as hard and durable. For patio surfaces, it’s best to stick with porcelain, quarry or terracotta, and apply sealers and coatings in order to retain the colour of your tiles and protect them from heavy foot traffic, while also keeping them safe to walk on.  The best trade to complete floor tiling is a floor tiler, but like all the flooring options it's certainly something that you could consider doing yourself.

There you have it – five natural flooring options you can use to spruce up your patio. Use the tips above to design a perfect outdoor lounge where you’ll enjoy spending warm, sunny days!

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