Australia’s 2021 Home Renovation Trends

Australia’s 2021 Home Renovation Trends

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The pandemic has impacted many industries and related trends, and the interior design industry is no exception. Homeowners have been more focused on making their living spaces calming and comfortable than ever before, as well as finding ways to connect their interiors with nature for added grounding.

These lockdown-related trends have taken centre stage amidst the home renovation trends for 2021 in Australia. Let’s take a look at what ideas are at the forefront of home design this year.

Connecting with nature

Like so many people the world over, being confined to their homes for extended periods of time has caused Aussies to yearn for some extra connection to the great outdoors. In Australia and beyond, there has been a huge shift towards the inclusion of more natural elements in the home. Houseace, the kitchen renovation specialists in Sydney, state, “Anything from concrete kitchens and wooden furniture, to earthy tones, textures and organic shapes are popular. Many of these ideas take their inspiration from Scandanavian design style, connecting the indoors with the out, and using themes of nature to balance the vitality and serenity of your home space.”

Grounding colour palettes

With the most popular colour choices - it’s all about emphasising warmth and cosiness through natural aesthetics, using earthy, neutral shades such as soft terracottas, warm browns and greens.

For those not so keen on such a neutral palette, navy will also feature strongly in 2021 Australian interior design. The striking, yet sophisticated shade of navy can be the perfect alternative whilst maintaining a subdued theme.

Textured walls

Texture not only enhances the experience of physical touch but simply casting our eyes over it as part of an aesthetic can really enhance the overall feel of a space. This important design element is usually introduced through blankets, cosy area rugs and curtains, but in 2021 it will increasingly be found on the walls.

From wooden beams and wall panels to sleek wallpapers that cleverly mimic textures like marble and other such luxurious materials, textured walls are fast becoming all the rage. They are a surprisingly simple way of significantly altering a home’s ambience.

Minimalist art

Like the trends in textured walls, minimalist art is firmly in the spotlight as a popular way to make walls a focal point. Many Australian homes now feature minimalist art, designed to create a sense of cohesion and calm. There is a simplicity in minimalist art that can bring a home’s aesthetic appeal together, whilst introducing just the right amount of colour or wow factor.

And the minimalist approach is generally in, too. Spending so much time at home has had people reevaluate the effect of clutter on their well-being. Eliminating clutter and introducing calming tones, lines and themes is a strong trend in 2021.

Comfort is king

The conditions of the pandemic have taught us many things, not least the importance of having a truly comfortable and functional living space. Many homeowners have been focusing on improving their living spaces throughout the lockdowns, working to enhance comfort as well as bringing more functionality into their homes as they battle to balance work and family life in one space.

As well as infusing their homes with calming, natural materials and textures, Australian homeowners have been investing in pieces such as armchairs and lounges, in styles that bring a balance of comfort and elegance into the home. There is also still a significant trend towards multi-functional furniture - foldaway desks and hidden storage designs - anything that can improve the practicality of space whilst maintaining style and comfort.

Contrasting kitchens

Some kitchens have had to double up as homework and/or home office stations during the pandemic. But, even if you’ve been lucky enough to have the space to avoid that, spending so much time at home has taken the joy out of a lot of spaces.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and should be a place that is a joy to be in - and many Australians are finding that there are a number of ways to reinvigorate their kitchens without completely replacing kitchen cabinets or breaking the bank. One particularly popular trend in 2021 is the contrasting kitchen design, and adopting this trend can be as simple as giving your cupboard doors a fresh lick of paint. Popular colours include neutral tones such as whites, blacks and greys, whilst a pop of colour can add to the contrasting look.


Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to Aussie homeowners, and whether you are remodelling or fully renovating, there are plenty of options for introducing more eco-friendliness into your home. Many are working towards making their homes greener by replacing outdated wiring and plumbing, as well as updating to more energy-efficient appliances.

Upcycling furniture is also a huge trend in 2021, combining the need to be more eco-conscious with the increased interest to improve our living spaces on a budget.

Final thoughts

Times have certainly been tough, and for many, the comfort of their home space has been something they have found solace in prioritizing. The trends for 2021 are strongly echoing those that the pandemic has ushered in - comfort, cosiness, functionality and a return to nature. Finding ways to achieve these things in style is half the fun of it!


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