Arranging Your First Business Promo Event After COVID-19

Arranging Your First Business Promo Event After COVID-19

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True normality may not return to our lives for a few months longer, but that is no excuse for your business to stand still. Having survived 2020, you’ll want to thrive in 2021. Opening the doors to your local audience with a promotional day event is arguably the best way to make it happen.

After all, once it is safe to hold the event, consumers will be eager to interact with brands in the real world. Here are six simple steps to ensure your event yields the immediate and ongoing results you crave.

1- Promote It Well

The first challenge facing any business wanting to run an event revolves around awareness. Reduced foot traffic will make it harder to secure new or returning customers by chance. Therefore, you should market the event. Your website, Google My Business page, and social media channels are all fantastic outlets. Meanwhile, local radio spots and PR opportunities should be embraced. Sending mail or text invites to existing clients is another wise move.

2- Make It Safe

Consumers will be keen to start doing “normal” things once more, but there will be some apprehension. Therefore, it’s vital that you prepare any event location in the right way. Social distancing should be encouraged even when it no longer has to be enforced. Meanwhile, providing antibacterial cleaners in communal spaces is advised. If the weather allows for it, hosting at least some of the activities outside should have a positive influence too.

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3- Create A Statement

There needs to be a purpose for the event. It could be as simple as celebrating the reopening of your store. In reality, there is a long list of potential brand messages that you may wish to emphasize on the day. Crucially, you must think about the audience demographic, as well as the ways that the message itself can tie in with your products and services. Resonating with your visitors without forgetting the purpose of your brand is key.

4- Generate Sales

The harsh reality is that the pandemic has hit businesses hard. The promotional day is an ideal opportunity to make up for any lost time by getting lots of sales in a short space of time. The addition of a portable card reader will allow you to complete transactions away from the main terminals. Meanwhile, you’ll want to consider getting extra stock for the day and special deals for multi-product purchases. Time promotions also encourage guests to act.

5- Make It Memorable

While success on the day is vital, it’s not the only barometer that can be used to judge the event. You want the brand message to stay fresh in their minds for years to come. Choosing the right promotional products will have an immensely positive impact, providing regular reminders. Meanwhile, if you’ve captured the contact details of your guests, it will be possible to contact them in the following days. Get their opinions and use the insight to your advantage.

The first promotional event following the pandemic will be a testing moment, but getting it right will have a telling influence on your brand. Whether it’s in the next few weeks or in Q2 or Q3, now is the time to start planning.

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