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Affordable Garden Projects You Can Do Yourself

Affordable Garden Projects You Can Do Yourself

. 6 min read

Your garden can be transformed into a temple or a sanctuary. It is a place where you can retreat to when the whole world feels uninviting.

You might think that it will cost you too much to beautify your garden. That is not so, you will see as you read on. You can turn a patch of grass into an enchanted wonderland at little or no cost.

Read on to discover the clever projects that cost very little and are easy to do. Adopt a few if not all and see how beauty blesses your garden.

Clean your Canvas and Mow Tall Grass

A good idea is to start with an empty canvas. The first project that you can pursue is to clear the clutter, remove unnecessary elements that give a negative aura. This includes broken fences, ugly pots, and rusty tools.

If you want to sustain the beauty of your garden then you should mow the grass regularly. To do so, you need a good lawnmower. It's an investment as you only have to buy it once. If you don’t have a lawnmower or yours is tough to operate, it’s ok. There are easy ones at very low prices.

Make sure that the grass in your garden is nice and uniform and looks good. Trimmed grass is healthier for your other plants.

Make Garden Shelves Out of Crates

Stack crates one on top of another to make shelves. Use as many as you need to make storage space. The shelves are great for storing plants in pots and accessories like children’s toys. Be sure to secure the crates for stability so it does not come crashing down. You can attach them to the fence behind the crates so they won’t topple.

Make a Vertical Garden Using Shelves

If you have shelves for books or clothes you are not using, here is an idea! Bring it to your garden and use it to make a vertical garden. If you don’t have one then you can use a ladder or crates. You can color the shelves to make the vertical garden even more attractive. If you are not confident about painting then you can follow tutorials abundantly available on the internet. Also, little statues placed between the plants look lovely and cost very little. You can get little buddhas or mythological deities or tiny gnomes. They are cheap and are oddly charming.

Peg Rails For Hanging Plants

Do you have peg rails in your house? They are great for hanging clothes, keys and id cards. Even if you don’t have one at home, you can get them cheap. If you attach peg rails to your fence, you can hang pots with plants in it.

The hanging garden looks really beautiful and saves a lot of space. You can also color the pots for more charm.

A Shed Bar

Who says you can’t throw parties in the garden and entertain guests. If you have a shed in your garden then consider emptying it and putting in a minibar. Doing so will increase garden visits phenomenally.

You can also put in some comfortable chairs in the shed or near the shed. If it sits slightly outside the shed then go for chairs that are made from waterproof material. After all, you never know when the rain decides to visit.

Make Pots Out of Old Cooking Utensils

Everyone has one or two cooking utensils laying around that have not been in use for long. Well, why not fill them up with soil and plant flowers or fruit seeds in them. In no time, you will have beautiful plants sprouting out of pots or bowls in your garden. And the best part is, it won’t cost you a thing.

Toys For Your Garden

If you have children who have grown up then you probably have some toys laying around. Plastic toys like action figures, dolls and cars can create drama on a miniature scale. Place each toy with a specific purpose. They should be concerning one another.

A good example is placing toys in a way that looks like they are trying to climb pots. Or, they could be fighting one another. Whatever direction you decide on, toys make a garden magical and intriguing to both children and adults.


Paint brings out the best in pretty much anything. It can create illusions of an intricate detail or of vast space. And the best part is that it is not very expensive.

So, consider painting the plant pots, the walls, the fences, and your shed. You can use diverse color schemes if you are not good at painting objects in detail.
However, if you are good at painting, you have the scope of painting anything in this universe. It will take some time to do but it will be worth it. The wonderful feeling of being in your garden will be worth the cost of the paint and more.

Use LED Solar Lights to Create Ambience

The garden is a beautiful place to visit during the day. However, it is prettier to be, after the sun has set. That is if you decorate your plants and pots with mini lights. You probably have some laying around from last Christmas. If you don’t, you can get a lot at a very cheap price. Once you have them, decorate the little lights all over your garden. Put them on pots, big plants, fences, and walls. When it's night time you can come out to the garden with wine and your partner. You will appreciate the magical sparkling decoration. Let every night of your life be a Christmas eve.

Plant Your Own Vegetable Garden

Flowers are beautiful and I am sure that you have plenty of them in your garden. But do consider planting vegetables too. Because it is a wonderful feeling to eat vegetables that you grew all on your own. So, next time when you are having vegetables at dinner, don’t throw away the seeds. Instead, plant them in your garden and nurture them into a food baring garden of Eden. A garden is not only for beauty, but it’s also a source of food, so consider growing vegetables.

Lay Down Old Bricks or Pebbles To Create Paths

When your garden starts to become an elaborate ecosystem, you need to lay down a path. It's a good idea for the path to go across all your plants. This way, you can easily water all of them.

Creating a path is not difficult and it is not expensive. Old bricks add an enchanting element that reminds you of childhood fairy tales. All you have to do is lay down old bricks one after another. The width of the path is up to you.
If you spend a bit more then get pebbles. Pebbles are cheap but you will need a large quantity of them. You will find pebbles of many different colors and sizes allowing you to mix and blend. Pour them carefully out from a big bag from a low distance. Then put on a pair of boots and walk all over to flatten them. Next, it's time to go down on your hands and knees and tidy up the pebbles that are out of place.

Make a Bird House and Bath

The best kind of gardens is not just gardens but rather functional ecosystems. Birds give life to gardens and act as doctors for your plants by feeding on the insects that damage the plants. You can get birds to your garden fairly easily by making birdhouses and baths. You can do this very cheaply if you have a tree or two in your garden. If you don't have one then a tall fence, wall, or tree stump will do.

One alternative easy way is to use a doll house if you have a grown-up child willing to give it up.


As for the bath, a big bowl works fine. You can have a smaller bowl next to the bath with some rice or grain in it. It's going to attract a lot of birds to your birdhouse.

Now that you have both a birdhouse and bath, attach them on a wooden platform or a tray. Next, hang the tray or nail the tray to the tree, wall, fence, or tree stump. The result is early morning chirps to wake you and a restless garden


Many of the things you need to beautify a garden are already at home. The possibilities are infinite and you should be as creative as possible and improvise. Other than that, even if you do have to buy some decorative items, they are quite cheap. Each project on this list takes time and patience to achieve. However, none of them are expensive. We wish you the best in creating a spectacular garden for you, your family and your friends.