3 Things to Know About TV Antenna Installation

3 Things to Know About TV Antenna Installation

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TV antennas don't tend to get a lot of thought — unless they stop working — and then all hell can break loose in your family's living room! To ensure that you keep the peace and that everyone can watch their favourite TV show when they want, here are three things to know about TV antenna installation in your home.

1. Your antenna needs to be in the most suitable position.

In each home, there is a "most suitable" position for an antenna to be positioned and this is often different depending on the design, size, and location of your home.

It is essential that you have your antenna installed in the most suitable position; otherwise you will continue to run into reception problems and you are going to have a challenging time watching your favourite TV channels!

Additionally, ensure that your antenna performs correctly even if it has to stand through heavy rain or storms. If it is installed successfully, this should be no problem because lousy weather shouldn't have to get in the way of you having perfect reception.

Generally, the perfect way for an antenna to be installed is so that it is elevated, ensuring that environmental elements and large obstructions don't impede the signal. However, even if you place the antenna in the best spot, to sustain a clear picture, you will have to ascertain the signal range in your neighbourhood by analysing the specs on a local tower map.

2. Maintenance is key.

Just as with everything in your home, maintenance is essential to ensure that your antenna lasts for as long as possible and that you don't have to inquire repeatedly about TV antenna replacement.

Unfortunately, too many homeowners tend to overlook the need for antenna maintenance procedures.

One of the most annoying issues for homes with antennas is that possums and rodents can cause significant problems for the alignment of the hardware. This happens when the animals get onto your roof and then run around an unsecured antenna. If the locale that you live in has many of these animals, then make sure you are routinely trimming your branches to make it more difficult for them to access your roof.

It is always recommended that you leave it to professionals; but, if you are planning on going up on to the roof to perform maintenance, make sure to thoroughly examine the weather conditions and make sure you are leaving enough time after a rainstorm or snowstorm so that the roof is dry.

When you are climbing the ladder up to the roof, make sure you are wearing a tool belt to keep all of your tools secured and your hands free.

Safety should always be the main priority.

3. Professional assistance is always recommended.

In all different industries, there is a reason we have professionals; they know exactly what to do! Just as you would hire a landscape gardener or a plumber, you also should be opting for professional help when it comes to the installation of an antenna in your home.

As technology has become more and more precise, antennas have started to be designed in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Each design has been created with a particular situation in mind; so, for example, you can find some antennas that are narrowly focused in their direction. On the other hand, if necessary, you can opt for a multidirectional antenna with a broader range.

The type of antenna you need depends on the location of your home and the signal range of your neighbourhood. Working with a professional will guarantee that you get the most suitable one for your home.

When looking for a professional antenna firm to work with, you may be wondering "how much does it cost to install a TV antenna?" For this reason, opt to work with a business that provides free quotes before they start working and ensure that they have a wide range of services on offer to suit your home's needs.

Have you ever had any issues with your antenna? Do you prefer to try to fix the problem yourself or employ the skills of a professional? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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