A Guide To Buying Home Furniture Online With Confidence

A Guide To Buying Home Furniture Online With Confidence

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Owing to the events of the last 18 months online sales in just about every sector have boomed. One particular sector which has seen a sharper increase than most however, has been the furniture and decorating industry. This of course stands to reason, with so many stuck at home, identifying areas they would like to improve. Not being able to go to a furniture store saw many buying online, and investing their time during lockdown in giving their property a makeover.

Whether buying sofas, ottomans, tables or TV stands, buying online is a convenient, and often a low-cost option. With this being said however there are some potential pitfalls to avoid when you are buying these kinds of products online. No matter what you are buying, here is how to make those purchases with confidence.

Always Check The Measurements

When it comes to big items such as a three-piece suite or a large dining room table, most people are very vigilant with regards to checking the dimensions. This however is often not the case with smaller items, and that can result in products being way too big or small for the space. If you are buying a nest of tables for the living room, lamp shades or even a TV console, be sure that you have first checked out the height, width and the depth of the piece. This will help you to avoid having to get caught up in sending items back.

Checking The Condition of Large Items

Another potential snag which is worth avoiding is getting the item through the door and positioned where you want it to go. Most tables will of course arrive flat-packed, yet sofas and chairs may not. Make sure that at the very least, the legs can be detached from the sofa in order to give you more flexibility when it arrives. The last thing you want is a great looking piece such as a luxury bed which you can’t get in, or which causes damage to the walls as you wrestle to put it in place.

Pictures Are Paramount

Items that have high-resolution photos at different angles are going to be better than those with just a snap or two. Ultimately when you are replacing shopping in-store with online shopping, you should still be able to have a good look around the piece to see whether or not you want it. Focus on each detail of the piece, from all angles, before you decide to hit the ‘buy now’ button.

Product Specifications

Given that you cannot touch and feel the piece, you need to arm yourself with as much information as possible about how it has been made. With this in mind be sure to drill down into the product specifics when reading about the piece. You should know where it has been made, as well as what materials have been used on the product. This information will give you a much clearer picture as to the build quality and that can help you to make a decision on the price. In most cases if you find a ‘steal’ it is likely that the build quality is poor, or the materials are low cost. The key here is transparency and making sure that you know exactly what it is that you are buying.

Checking Reviews

Everyone knows that reviews can be valuable but make sure that you are checking both product reviews and reviews for the online store. Using a third party site to check out reviews is more likely to give you an accurate depiction of what the store is look regarding product quality and service. If you are happy with the online store that you are using, then you can have more faith in their product reviews. Be sure to read as many reviews as possible, in order to get an average opinion. Don’t be scared off by a single bad review, as we all have different standards and experiences with online stores.

Buying online can be a great option but it is important that you know exactly what to expect when the product arrives at your front door.


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