8 Fabulous Ways to Add Color to Your Outdoor Space

8 Fabulous Ways to Add Color to Your Outdoor Space

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Outdoor spaces are great fun to decorate. However, particularly when winter hits and many flowers and plants seem to shut down for the cold season, your yard can all too easily start to look dull and forlorn. Since you want your patio and garden area to enliven your senses year-round, it’s vital to incorporate some splashes of colour. Need some pointers on how to do just that? Check out our fabulous tips below.

For the deck and patio

1. Be creative with your décor

Why not make your outdoor area into your own personal art gallery? It’s yours to decorate, after all – you might as well make it an accurate reflection of your tastes and interests!

From bronze installations to colourful hanging lanterns or macrame plant hangers, dreamy gauze curtains to an outdoor drinks table with all the bright tumblers you can find, there are so many fun ways to transform your patio or deck area with a little decorative touch here and there.

2. Choose colourful furniture

Another highly effective and no-fuss way to inject some colour into your outdoor space is by investing in colourful furniture. Whether a bright suite of recliners, a trendy table, or a nicely-hued hammock slung between two trees, there are myriad ways that furniture can make a colourful statement. Even a set of eye-catching cushions can effectively brighten up a lacklustre space.

3. Try an outdoor rug

These days, outdoor rugs come in all sorts of colours and patterns – making them the perfect accessory for your backyard space.


Rugs supply a real sense of fireside cosiness, especially when added to outdoor spaces which may seem more sterile. If your garden area is weighed down with concrete or with a monochromatic colour scheme, then, a rug may be just the thing you need to lift the atmosphere a few notches

4. Add style with tiles

Much like rugs, tiles come in all shapes, sizes, and colours these days, and they’ve revolutionized outdoor spaces. Choose a turquoise, damask-print tile for a sense of Mediterranean luxury, or opt for a nice washed terracotta tile to really warm up your patio. You can even add tiles to the instep of your house stairs for some extra visual interest

For the garden and backyard

1. Landscape some colour in

Where does colour usually come from in an outdoor space? From the garden itself, of course! If your garden is in full bloom, then it can entirely eliminate the need for any artificial additions of colour (though these are nice too, of course).

What you want to do is to scour the garden shop for the brightest and most beautiful flowers on the market, and to plant them strategically within your garden. When your guests are coming up the side of the house to the front door, for example, you might want them to be greeted by an exquisite row of planted pansies. You can even design your garden so that your favourite colour becomes a binding theme.

And just a tip: if you’re set on large-scale change and don’t quite know what you’re doing when it comes to landscaping, it helps to know when to DIY and when to hire an expert.


Enlisting the help and advice of a professional gardener or landscaper can help greatly in choosing compatible types of foliage (fast growing trees, low maintenance plants, etc) and ground coverings (bark, pebbles, etc) for your garden.

Even the kids can help out with some things. When it comes to garden accessories like pots, you can get the little ones on board by setting them up with paints in all colours of the rainbow. They’ll love these DIY endeavours, and you’ll end up with a bunch of mood-enhancing pots in which to plant your favourite herbs.

2. Install a playground

Since playgrounds are created to be colourful and exciting to kids, they’ll hit two birds with one stone, entertaining the kids with beneficial play while cheering up the whole yard aesthetically. Whether you choose to install a swing, a sandbox, a climbing wall, or all three and more, you’re guaranteed to have some very happy kiddies indeed – and an even more comfortable outdoor space.

3. Add some rainbow lights


There are few things more magical than even just a few strands of fairy lights strung along a garden fence. Take a trip to your local home and garden store, and see what you can find; following installation, your outdoor space will look like a kaleidoscope of glittering colour whenever the darkness of night descends.

4. Paint a feature wall in a cheerful hue

Feature walls are just as impacting outside as they are indoors, if not more so. If you’ve got a ho-hum fence or wall closing off your garden, then consider applying a slap of paint in an eye-catching colour to really add some va-va-voom to your outside space.
Plus, if you’re artistically inclined or know someone who is, you could even paint a large-scale mural and truly personalize your space.


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