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5 budget ways to store your wine at home

5 budget ways to store your wine at home

. 3 min read

As you will know, when we store our wine in unsavoury conditions that are too warm, too cold or routinely jump from high and low temperatures, we’re going to spoil the flavour and ruin our wines. Of course, you put a lot of thought into choosing wines and picking out your favourite brands, flavours and styles and the same effort must go into storing the wine too.

You don’t want poor storage to result in some of the best wines on offer spoiling, and so we have a few tips and tricks below which will help you store your wine at home, on a budget!

It is important to always begin wind storage at the correct temperature and go from there.

The Proper Temperature

At the top of our list, and for good reason, is storing your wine at the correct temperature. It is by far one of the most important things to consider when it comes to wine storage and this is down to the fact that too warm or too cold temperatures are going to work to slowly degrade the quality and flavour of your wine and spoil it entirely.

With this in mind, our biggest tip here is to look to wines that have a manageable storage temperature before making a purchase. Of course, if you have already purchased a wine that requires rather low or medium storage temperatures, you’ll need to work to invest in a small wine fridge.

One final thing to note is that wine storage temperatures should be kept as stable as possible. You want to make sure that your wine’s temperature doesn’t jump from high to low as you use your wine fridge, and so keep an eye on your fridge’s temperature as well as the seals on the door.

Keep Light and Vibration Away

Another tip from us is to make sure that your wine is kept far from light and vibrations. This tip is rather simple to implement, and you can store wine in a dark location in the home to deal with your lighting issue – and if you have a glass-front fridge, you can work to adhere a non-translucent contact sheet over the top to keep the light away.

As you might already know, sunlight works to slowly damage your wine’s flavour and its aromas, and so you want to make sure that there is no chance your wine is sitting in the sun for hours on end.

It is also important to make sure that your wine isn’t balancing on a shelf or in a fridge that vibrates all that much as this is going to upset the sediments in the bottle, which degrades flavour.

Horizontal Storage is Essential

Whether you’re a newbie to wine or a seasoned professional, you will know that wine should only be stored horizontally or you run the risk of the cork drying out and letting in impurities that can severely damage or totally ruin your wine.

When it comes to storing wine horizontally on a budget, looking at wine racks for your fridge, or for your countertop is a good place to start and you will be able to make sure that you’re not running the risk of ruining your wine’s cork.

You can also choose wine bottles without corks, click here for some wines with caps as opposed to traditional corks to make storage easier.

Keep Watch of Humidity

A fourth key point to keep in mind is that wine should be kept in a space with stable humidity as opposed to a location that experiences large swings in air moisture. This is often the case in unsealed wine cellars, and so if you have one of these, you might want to consider sealing off the space and keeping it temperature controlled.

However, for those who are looking to keep on a budget here, we suggest storing your wine in a location where sunlight is at a minimum, but moist airflow is too. This means keeping your wine bottles away from humid or wet rooms and considering running a dehumidifier when things get above 60 per cent humidity in the home, or in your wine’s storage space.

A Regular Fridge Won’t Cut It

Though you might not be considering a wine fridge, we do suggest you have a gander at these products and their prices. These types of fridges will be able to take out a tonne of the hard work for you and really make wine storage a breeze given that they’re better sealed, offer a more stable temperature control and can even control humidity with ease.

These wine fridges or wine coolers are fantastic at keeping your wine exceedingly cool, but also very dry and so you’re effectively killing two birds with one stone here.


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